Oil & Gas

Utilis Advisory Group advises on upstream oil and gas development, downstream supply/marketing operations and risk management issues.

Our conventional oil and gas activities include:

  • Incorporating economic indicators, supply/demand balances, storage  and pipeline capacities, geopolitics and resource nationalism to provide point-of-view analysis on crude oil, gas and refined product markets.

  • Analyzing anomalies in the forward curve, EIA inventories, refinery utilization rates, crack spreads and the impact of operational outages to recommended strategies enabling clients to profit from: 1) the oil “carry" trade 2) points of congestion along the refining/transportation system and 3) trading volatility from seasonal/structural shifts in demand.

  • Advising LNG terminal developers, investors and market participants on liquefaction/regasification facilities, pipeline take-away capacity, Btu issues, storage, demand for natural gas, global LNG prices, changes in shipping terms/economics, government regulations and the impact of unconventional gas on LNG market activity.

Recent Success

Advising a leading Far East LNG producer on value chain risk management and global business development opportunities